14 March 2017


Fashion International (PTY) LTD, a company which represents itself as a company that guarantees fair labour practice is actually the worst employer in the Textile and Apparel sector in Swaziland. This racist employer continues to deny its employees, who are members of ATUSWA and the union the right to organize.

On the 06th of March 2017, a ballot exercise was conducted by the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Commission to determine the Union support at the insistence of the Company despite that the union had served the employer, who refused to receive signed membership forms of more than 1600 members in a company that alleges to employ 1900 workers in total.  During the ballot exercise all workers but one voted in favor of the union. The union resorted to take the employer to court for refusal to effect deductions and refusing the union organizing rights despite that the union is recognized.

The employer is so desperate to keep the union away such that it has attempted every trick in the book, including its strategy of shifting goal posts every time the matter appears in court. The desperate attempts by the employer who is threatening to close the company if workers do not resign from the union is doing all this just to ensure that she continues to;

i) Force workers to come to work even when they are sick. Even if the employer were to allow a worker to go see a doctor, the employer demand the worker to return to duty station within 4 hours, failing which a disciplinary action would be taken against that worker.

ii)Force workers to bring their sick children to work so that a permission to take the child to hospital would be granted. To make it worst the permission is never granted as soon as possible, if it is granted at all.

iii) Refuse to pay sick leave and if a worker is given sick leave of 2 days or more, the employer would cut the sick leave by half and force the worker to resume work, failing which disciplinary action would be taken.

iv) Force workers to work overtime.

v) Dismiss workers anyhow.

We call upon all credible companies like Traclo International, Edcon etc. who do business with Fashion International to force the company to abide by the code of conducts the company signed in order to qualify as a production house failing which they run the risk of being painted with the same brush.

Statement prepared by


Zweli Sihlongonyane

Deputy Secretary General

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