On this day, four years ago workers converged at the Salesian sports ground to endorse the formation of an amalgamated union in an endeavor to consolidate and maximize workers power and influence within the private sector. The Amalgamated Trade Union of Swaziland as was christened on the 07th of July 2013, went on to have its first Congress on the 07th of September 2017.


Our formation anniversary comes at a time when the union is under attack. Those who were always opposed to the formation of this giant have finally been able to co-opt someone who have “served” or been saved by the union for almost 4 years. The union is in and out of court not only fighting weak but also fighting dinosaurs who have been rejected by the workers in many instances. The alliance of the rejected is led by a bunch of individuals who were dismissed by “smawu” before the Amalgamation. Individually and collectively these individuals have formed briefcase unions after their dismissal but failed to recruit members because of their tainted past. We know that they will never win this battle despite that they are fully supported and backed by the Labour Commissioner who is prepared to taint the image of the ministry for as long as he would distract ATUSWA.


It was unimaginable that beside the consistent and permanent attack from the Labour Commissioner, the union would maintain its members; that it has doubled is a clear sign that God is on our side. We wish to applaud the members of the union for standing firm with their union during these trying times. We are confident that we shall conquer.


The union remain on course to its National Shop Stewards training which was postponed owing to the Court battle and to its 2nd National Congress which shall be held from the 15th to the 16th of September 2017. We have adopted the notion that there is a silver lining in every cloud during these times by ensuring that we use the extra-time owing to the fact that servicing has stalled, by organizing more and more workers into the union.


We call upon all our members to remain calm and promise that we will hit the ground running the moment the court rule on the matter.


We also wish to applaud the collective within TUCOSWA for standing with us in this time of need. How can we forget our international allies who are prepared to work with us and see us for what we are as opposed to the fat lie that some would want to perpetuate.


Issued by;



Wander Mkhonza

Secretary General for and on behalf of the NOBs

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