25 May 2018

The Amalgamated Trade Union of Swaziland (ATUSWA) welcome the Industrial Court of Swaziland’s decision to dismiss the application to stay its judgment that was delivered on the 26th day of April 2018, confirming the amalgamation status of
our glorious organization. The application was as a result of desperate attempts to continue frustrating workers in their struggle for a better tomorrow.

We trust that the employers who have alleged to have been confused by the illegal actions of the individuals who are not even employees would embrace the judgement and allow ATUSWA to fully service the workers without further hindrances.

To our members we say, come closer to one another than ever before for it is through unity that we can improve our living conditions. We must embrace even those who were misled by those who are hell-bent in dividing workers for in any dispute people are bound to choose a side. The mere fact that they chose a legally wrong side does not make them less members. We appreciate that they did not sit on the fence but voiced their position as insignificant in numbers as they were. We have been informed that some workers who were misled want to apologize to the leadership of the union and to them we say NO. There is absolutely no need to apologize but we must use the court decision to build the organization.

We applaud all the workers who despite being directly affected stood behind their union, sometimes against the wishes of their employers. Their principled posture will go down in history as a decisive gesture towards building a strong trade union movement in Swaziland.

To those employers who decided to mischievously use the ATUSWA/smawu legal dispute to frustrate the right to organize, we say there is no place to hide. They must accept ATUSWA as the workers choice by recognizing the union.

Issued by

Wonder Mkhonza
Secretary General

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