20 September 2018

The Amalgamated Trade Union of Swaziland (ATUSWA), the only workers organization representing Swazi workers in the Textile and Apparel Industry is dismayed after learning that a gang of stingy employers within the industry are planning to meet the Commissioner of Labour in an effort designed to co-opt the Commissioner in their isolating and vilifying exercise. The employers are seething with anger after some very few well-meaning employers decided to break the ranks and started discussions with our organization on the demands that have been tabled by the workers early 2017. All this is happening while the said employers refused to attend meeting called by our union for the purpose of forming a Joint Negotiations Council (JNC) which would have guaranteed every one of them a say on the affordability or otherwise of the workers demand from time to time.


We are confident that the Commissioner of Labour will reject their illegal co-option and further clarify to the employers regarding the purpose of the Wages Council and ultimately the Wages Order. We are confident because we have in the past heard the Commissioner of Labour correctly articulating the question.


We call on the Commissioner of Labour as he articulates the purpose of the Wages Order to further advise the employers that the most advisable thing to do right now for all well-meaning employers is to hold hands with ATUSWA in the formation of a Joint Negotiations Council as opposed to vilifying employers who wish to embrace the spirit of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.

To the gang of extortionist which obtain huge profits and live in opulence at the expense of the poorest of the poor, we say shame on them. No Swazi shall be co-opted by people who want to feed their greed by refusing hard working workers progress in life.


The employers must know that the demands are a product of the workers; not of an individual as they desperately want to believe. The only way to resolve the dispute facing the industry is through sound and honest engagement and ATUSWA is ready to engage.


Released by


Wonder Mkhonza

Secretary General

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