It was in Philadelphia, in 1948 when member States of the International Labour Organization declared that labour was not a commodity. This declaration was in respect and in response to the types of employment contracts that were derived from the ancient Roman Laws and practices.
The Roman Society made extensive use of slaves as their workers and slaves were seen as property or as objects in the eyes of the laws applicable at that time.
The slaves were hired from their Masters under the “letting and hiring of some objects or things”, form of employment. The money intended to pay for the rendered services was given to the slave Master. This arrangement has come back to haunt us through Labour Brokers.
The TUCOSWA Position
The Trade Union Congress of Swaziland is not apologetic in its call for the total banning of Labour Brokers. Labour broking is modern slavery. We are satisfied with the product of the tripartite forum (LAB) which discussed the draft Employment Bill with section 82 outlawing triangular employment.
“United we Bargain, Divided we Beg”
We have since realized that some employers who are currently benefitting in this slavery employment arrangement are crying crocodile tears in an attempt to intimidate anyone who dares call for the banning. In their desire to gulp more of the sweat and blood of the workers, they have mobilized their “labour wing” to confuse the workers and scare them with job losses-threats.
Capitalism by its very nature is a very exploitative and cruel system. Its appetite for more profits at whatever cost is un-ending. In pursuit of the defence of its class and property interests, capital and its agents confuses the societies by posing as messiahs who had come to deliver the community form unemployment. The TUCOSWA is steadfastly convinced that no amount of regulation of Labour Brokers will ever assist the workers. Regulation of Labour Brokers is failing in the neighbouring South – Africa.
The TUCOSWA believes that its call for the total banning of Labour Brokers is a noble cause and it will only intensify. In this respect, we are calling upon the Minister of Labour and Social Security to in haste bring the draft Employment Bill to the competent Authorities for the finalization of the legislative process.

Issued by TUCOSWA Secretariat
M. C. Gina
Acting Secretary General

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