23 February 2017

On the 21st of February 2017, our organization got a report that one of the employer and Government sponsored organizations which parade itself as a workers’ union unsuccessfully tried to poach our members at Spintex Swaziland. This is the same organization which calls itself feswatu when its desperately wants to present itself as a Federation and when it realizes that its name (seiwu) is so tainted and raises eyebrows from workers who have heard horrible stories about how it conducts itself when “representing” workers and or representing employers.

Our Shop stewards were called to a meeting where seiwu officials were introduced as people who have arrived unannounced, armed with a prepared letter termed a “proposal for partnership with yourself and your workers”. Workers rejected this unorthodox approach and questioned the officials why would they approach the employer before the workers join their trade union if indeed they were for workers to which they replied by saying their approach is the “Front Door Policy”, whatever that means.

After having received this information we addressed Management of Spintex on the same matter on the 22nd of February 2017 during our previously scheduled wage negotiations meeting. Spintex Management pleaded innocence and further informed ATUSWA that Spintex is not aware who invited seiwu if they were invited and as to how they got into the company premises and the canteen.

We reject these explanations by Spintex and call on the Management to respect right to Freedom of Association as guaranteed by the International Labour Organization’s founding principle and subsequent Conventions. If the story that seiwu came into Spintex unannounced were to be believed it would mean that our members are not safe. It would mean that anyone would come and do as he/she wish at the factory. This would include poisoning the food that is prepared at the canteen and or raping or killing workers.

We call on Spintex to press charges of trespassing so that our members would feel protected because as things stand the workers feel vulnerable and unsafe in their own place of work.

We further call the TUCOSWA family, through collaboration to unite efforts in fighting seiwu and or feswatu, whatever it feels like calling itself in any particular day, time and place. We (TUCOSWA Affiliates) must feast on the carcass of this animal that seeks to reverse the gains born out of struggles for a better life. As a union, we are proud that we are rescuing workers who were unsuspectingly trapped by this immoral employers’ organization which will go to any distance to protect the interests of capital and that of government at the detrimental of its members.

Statement issued by;

National Office Bearers

(For further information Contact the Secretary General)

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