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Trade union is a continuing,permanent, democratic and voluntary organisation, formed by workers, protect themselves  at work to improve the conditions of  their work through collective bargaining, to seek for better conditions of their lives and to provide a mean problem of society.

We represent workers at all level.

We protect workers against any form of oppression.

We collect subs for the organisation.

We report back to membership any vital information.

We negotiate salaries and working conditions for workers.

We educate workers on their healthy and safe working conditions for workers.

We organize/recruit membership in to the union.

We pressurize the government in the socio-economic system of the country to ensure equality in the distribution of wealth in the  economy.

Benefits of being a union member

Protection from unfair dismissal and ill-treatment.

Better wages.

Better pension packages an health benefits.

Better outsourcing and retrenchment packages.

Better general working conditions.

Education on worker rights and life betterment strategies.

Legal representation on industrial issues.

Protection from abuse in the workplace.

Paid maternity leave.

Better and health accommodation facilities.

Formation and provision of credit and savings schemes/cooperatives.

Good relations between management and employees.

Provision for entertainment and sporting activities.




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