On this day, the 07th of July 2013 workers of Swaziland employed in the Manufacturing and Processing, Mining and Quarrying, Commercial, Security, Hotel and Catering, Service and Textile and Apparel Industries converged to the Salesian Sports Ground in Manzini to launch the Amalgamated Trade Union of Swaziland in a historic event that shaped the future of trade unionism in Swaziland. Workers in one voice said “No more to spaza unions, no more to divisions within the Labour movement” but most of all workers said “forward to unity forward”.

It gives us pleasure that despite the nay Sayers who wanted to blame us for not being registered by Government, a majority remained united and looked at the bigger picture and focused to what brought us together as workers. To those who could not withstand the coercing and pressure from Government to sell our noble cause, we say come back home; ATUSWA remain your only home and hope. Unity of workers remain relevant to this very day. To this day we have been proven correct in our position for remaining firm to the position we took on how to approach the registration and the unity of workers with or without registration. The position was clear; unions are not formed by Government but by workers and that the unity amongst workers shall remain regardless of the status of registration.
As we celebrate our third birthday it gives us pleasure to proclaim that we have arrived; our officials and organizers are working tirelessly to build and consolidate the unity of workers in all the sectors that formed ATUSWA without exception. To us the resolution TUCOSWA launching Congress read with the resolution of our launching Congress confirm our Constitutional mandate to unite all workers working in all the sectors that formed ATUSWA and we shall not fail in that mandate.
Our immediate task is to ensure that;
i. We conclude the already rolling consolidation as quickly as possible.
ii. We reclaim our rightful place and play a major and uncompromised role within TUCOSWA.
iii. We fulfill our responsibilities within the Global Union Federations that we chose to affiliate to during our launching Congress.
iv. That we work on aligning and centralizing collective bargaining activities.
We call on all our members to implement Congress decision that all workers are organizers.
As we celebrate 3 years of our formation we are pleased to launch a website ( and our WhatsApp line (+268 76464510). We represent an evolving organization which moves with time and if we must organize the young which remain our greatest priority we must move with times because we believe that an organization that does not embrace changes remain stagnant. This is in addition to our Facebook page which have been our social contact with our members.
Issued by:
Wander Mkhonza
Secretary General
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